About Us


Coastline Innovations Group is a Limited Liability Company registered in Ghana. The company currently has three strategic business units (SBUs) which are Coastline Transport and Tours, Coastline Transport and Haulage and Coastline Consultancy and Logistics.
The three SBUs operate separately but under one management and often have overlapping responsibilities depending on the nature of business engagement. Coastline Group is building its core competences around dynamic human resources, differentiation strategy, improved technology and customization of all products and services in order to attract and maintain every customer.

Our corporate activities are guided by Professionalism, Reliability, Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement and Customer Focus. These set us apart from others in our markets of operation.

If you ever had a need yet to be fulfilled in any of our core business areas, then this is the time to contact the Coastline Team. We still have business because of you, so…